At a working meeting in Sofia, experts from the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) and the National Office for Social Insurance of the Republic of Moldova (NOSI) shared information on the current state of the social insurance model in the two countries and opportunities for the development of services in each of them. The focus of the conversations was on the operating principles of social insurance systems and efforts to digitise processes at institutional and national level.

The NSSI experts presented the services in the field of short-term payments and the opportunities provided by the use of the Personal Identification Code (PIC) of the institute to the insured persons.

From the Moldovan side, emphasis was placed on the successes in the field of digitisation of social insurance services and the challenges that Moldova faces in terms of budgetary and financial policy in the social field. The guests became acquainted with the activities of the territorial division of the institute in Plovdiv.

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