The National Social Security Institute (NSSI) hosted a workshop with representatives of the Polish Social Insurance Institute (ZUS). The main aspects of the work of both institutions in the field of short-term benefits and administrative services in the context of increasing automation of processes were discussed.

Experts from NSSI presented the system for granting and payment of cash benefits from the state social insurance with a focus on the electronic exchange of documents with the medical examination authorities and employers. The guests were also introduced to the activities of the Contact Centre of the Bulgarian Institute and the technological solutions used by it to improve the service.

On their part, the Polish delegation introduced their Bulgarian counterparts to the different types of family benefits administered by the institution, focusing on the automation of the processes of granting and paying benefits in ZUS and its benefits for ensuring legality and reducing administrative costs. A number of new mechanisms were also presented as part of the processes to expand the competences of the Polish institution.

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