The Bulgarian National Assembly Voted Unanimously the Governor and the Deputy Governor of NSSI for Another Term of Four Years. On 29th July, 2016 the Governor of the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) Mr Biser Petkov and the Deputy Governor of the institution Ms Vesela Karaivanova were reelected to these high posts for another term of four years.

At its regular session, considering their applications for heads of the NSSI, the Parliament voted in favor of the prior proposal they both to continue to manage the National Social Security Institute in the following years.

From the parliamentary tribune it was announced that apart from the Commission of Labour, Social and Demographic Policy at the Parliament, Petkov and Karaivanova are supported by all nationally representative employers’ organizations, as well as the two major trade unions.

Four are the main goals that the management of the National Social Security Institute has appointed for the development of the institution in the next four years. On the first place, it is – increasing the customer satisfaction by improving the accessibility and the flexibility of the services and development of the electronic services. On the other hand, with the introduction of the process-oriented approach, the streamlined workflows will be optimized. With the aim of enhancing the organizational efficiency, a Training center will be founded, as well as additional ways for the employees’ motivation will be searched. Last, but not the least, the Institute will work for full transparency and control over the spending of the public funds.


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