The National Social Security Institute (NSSI) won the grand prize of the traditional competition “IT Project of the Year” organized by the newspaper „Computerworld“ and DSK Bank in Bulgaria.

NSSI was awarded with the first place for 2016 in the category “Public Sector” for the project which launched the Electronic Register of sick-leaves papers and the Integrated System for Electronic Exchange of Documents and Data (ISEEDD) for the payment of the benefits from the State Social Security Fund.

The prize for the first place in the public organizations sector was given to Mr Marin Kalchev, director of “Information Systems and Modeling of Business Processes” Directorate from the Chairman of the State Agency “Electronic Governance” Mr Rosen Zhelyazkov. “NSSI is traditionally a conservative institution, but showed modern thinking, modern design and with this project stays ahead of other administrations”, said at the award ceremony Mr Zhelyazkov. He pointed out that the project is a proof that the E-governance is not a result in itself but a process which should expand the provision of quality electronic administrative services and thus citizens and businesses saving time less to communicate with the state in the traditional manner. Rosen Zhelyazkov thanked NSSI for the good example, specifying that the project with its small budget provides exceptional added value for effective and efficient results.
Mr Kaltchev thanked for the award and noted that it is a recognition of the 2-year efforts of the staff of the Institute. “The system is already working successfully and is used by more than 12 000 Medical Expertise Authorities and over 160 000 insurers and self-insured. This saves everybody’s time”, he added in conclusion.
The introduction of the Electronic Register of the sick-leaves papers and the development of the ISEEDD for the payment of benefits from the State Social Security Fund is the largest electronic services project of the Institute till now. It was implemented in two stages. The first stage, which started on 1.01.2015 enabled the electronic submission of medical certificates. From January 2016 insurers and self-insured electronically submit data and documents for the payment of the short term benefits.


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